Loaning FAQ’s

How do I go about getting a BTRC horse?

To apply for a BTRC horse you first must complete the application form. You can access this here. Once we have received your application form we will aim to get in touch within one week.

Will there be a suitable horse available for me?

Upon receiving your application form our Head of Retraining and Rehoming will call you to discuss your application further and talk to you about any suitable horses we may have ready for rehoming. If we do not having anything suitable at the time she will call you to let you know and we will be in touch when a suitable horse becomes available.

Do I need to be able to ride to a high standard?

Not necessarily, we invite all loaners up for a riding assessment, this is not a test but allows us to assess your riding style and what type of horse you would feel comfortable on. Here we are able to match your riding abilities to a suitable horse. NB: Riding assessments cost £25.

Do I need to make a decision right away?

No, we allow all loaners plenty of time to decide if the horse is suitable. Many loaners come up for a few more visits and rides and we will work with you to help make the right decision. Of course if we think we have a more suitable loaner to that horse we would discuss this with you if you hadn’t yet made a decision. On the other hand, many loaners are desperate to get their new friend home right away, so if we agree you are a great match after the first visit we will move on to the next stage of the process.

How do you know my home will be suitable?

Before any horse leaves BTRC we require two references on the loaner and one of our Field Officers will conduct a pre-homing check to the yard. Once we are happy with the outcome of both of these stages the horse can then leave BTRC.

Is there a cost to loaning a BTRC horse?

Yes, we ask for a one off donation of £600 before the horse leaves BTRC and to help support our ongoing work we ask all loaners to become a Friend of BTRC for a monthly donation of £10.

If my circumstances change can I return the horse to BTRC?

Yes, as BTRC remain owners of the horse we always ensure we have room for returnees. Of course, we work hard to ensure this doesn’t happen often and that our horses find forever homes but we are aware that unforeseen circumstances can occur. We generally require 1 months notice before the horse can be returned and loaners are responsible for transporting the horse back to BTRC.