The Loan Process

The loan process is thorough as we work hard to find each loaner their perfect match! The process consists of five stages which are briefly outlined below:

Stage 1: Complete an online application form

The information given here allows us to make a preliminary evaluation of a loaners requirements and assess whether any of our current horses could be suitable.

Please note:
– Unfortunately, we are not usually able to find horses that can carry more than around 13 stone.
– Potential loaners under the age of 18 years will need to be guaranteed by an experienced parent or guardian.

Stage 2: We contact you

After receiving your application, we will endeavour to contact you within 5 days (this may be longer during busy periods). Please ensure you provide us with the best contact details for us to do this. Your requirements will be discussed in further detail along with your expectations. At this point we may highlight any suitable horses, their abilities and characteristics.

Stage 3: Visit the Centre

We will invite you to make an appointment to visit us at our Centre in Lancashire, have a ridden trial and hopefully meet any horses that fit your criteria. Seeing you ride our school master simply helps us to match your style and level of riding with prospective horses. It is NOT a test! (Please note if the application is for more than one rider then both riders must attend the centre for an assessment. A £25 fee is payable on booking for your initial assessment visit. This is non-refundable.)

We will then introduce you to any horses we have identified as a good match and you will be invited to ride them. We will let you know on the day if we think a horse is suitable and whether we can proceed to the next stage. You are welcome to take as much time as you need to make a decision and to come back for subsequent trial rides to ensure you are happy with your match.

Stage 4: References & Pre-homing stable visit

When you have found your perfect match we will arrange a pre homing visit to the premises where the horse will be kept. We are not looking for perfection but good husbandry, a secure, safe and loving home. We will request two references per loaner to ensure the home is suitable.

Stage 5: Contract

A contract stating the terms and conditions of the loan is put in place between the Loaner and the TRC to safeguard all concerned, but primarily the welfare of the horse.

Once the contract has been exchanged and the re-homing fee received by the BTRC you can make the arrangements for transporting the horse. You will be responsible for the cost of transport and for all the costs of keeping the horse thereafter.

Stage 6: Field Visits

You and your new horse will be visited by a BTRC Field Officer within the first three months of the loan, then six months (if required) and yearly thereafter. These visits provide you with a support network, but also ensure that all BTRC horses continue to be loved and cared for.

The Costs & Requirements

By the time your horse is ready for its new loan home the charity will have invested a considerable amount of time and money into the horse. For this reason, we ask loaners to pay a non-refundable re-homing fee when the horse is taken from the BTRC and for our loaners to become a Committed Giver.

  • Re-Homing Fee: From £600
  • Committed Giving: Charitable Donation of £10 per month by Direct Debit
  • Insurance: All loaners must take out third party, public liability and veterinary fees insurance cover. The loaner must provide evidence of this prior to taking the horse home.
BTRC Help & Advice

The BTRC is available to advise you through all stages of this process and at all times to assist you with your new horse thereafter. Any problems can be assessed and help is at hand from our highly experienced staff.

Should a horse need to be returned for any reason, the BTRC requires one months’ notice and the loaner will be responsible for the cost of the return transport.

We take enormous pride in producing our ex-racehorses for their new life after racing. Some may make great fun competition horses whilst others are suited to a more relaxed way of life.

If you require more about loaning a horse from the BTRC please call 01524 812649.