Our Daily Work

As a registered charity, we have a board of trustees who delegate the day-to-day running of the Centre to the Chief Executive, Gillian Carlisle. Gillian is assisted by the Office Manager, Lauren Lindsay. BTRC have an experienced team of riders, grooms and stable staff that also work closely with the vet, farrier and other professional equine practitioners as required.

The need for organisations like the BTRC is greater now than ever before. Thousands of horses leave racing each year and filter down through other equestrian fields but many end up in the saleroom where there is no control over their destination. This can be where well-intentioned but inexperienced buyers find themselves with a bargain nightmare – a racing fit, intelligent, finely tuned horse. In inexperienced hands these horses can become difficult, leaving the novice owner with a real dilemma.

We often receive horses straight from racing or training and put in the work required to retrain and rehome them appropriately. We like to work from within racing and feel it is important to offer rehoming solutions and alternatives to owners and trainers. Many BTRC horses also come from private, post racing homes that are no longer able to deal with their thoroughbreds or are afraid to put the horse on the open market, knowing that it can be difficult to find the right buyer.

We provide a safe environment with experienced staff where these horses can be re-educated, rehabilitated if required and retrained for use in other equine disciplines. When we feel the horse has reached the standard required to be suitable to rehome we then review the application from potential loaners to ensure a suitable match of horse and rider. Once the horse is successfully rehomed, it remains under ownership of the BTRC and is loaned out under specific conditions to ensure its lifelong welfare. The BTRC never buys or sells horses.

We offer a range of education and training opportunities for Thoroughbred owners as well as a comprehensive help and support line. We receive some financial backing from the racing industry but we still have to raise the majority of our income from fundraising efforts and the support of the horse-loving general public. If you would like to help, please click here.