Please note we are currently prioritising horses that need to be gifted to the Centre due to the impact of COVID-19

We never sell any of our horses, so all BTRC horses are secure for life. If you have a thoroughbred you wish to re-home with with us please follow the below process:

Step 1 –  complete an application form and submit a recent photograph and any veterinary history from your vet to

Step 2 – we will review the above and be in touch. If all is satisfactory we will then offer a conditional place on the retraining and rehoming programme subject to a basic 2 stage vetting (to ensure the horse is fit for travel) and a negative strangles ELISA blood test. (Owners are responsible for the arrangements and costs of the vetting and strangles test).

Step 3 – once we have received the results from the vetting and strangles test then we can arrange the transfer. Before the horse arrives at BTRC the owner must complete and sign the ownership transfer forms and the horse must arrive to the Centre with his/her passport. (Owners are responsible for the arrangement and cost of transport).

The whole process usually takes 2- 4 weeks depending how quickly the owner submits the information and arranges the vetting, horses normally arrive every Monday.

Finally, regarding the funding for a horse while it is at BTRC; most horses come in with a donation from the owner to cover their horses stay at the Centre. The donation fee is £2,000 and is a one off payment that provides for the horse whilst it is at the Centre and also supports the yearly visits that we complete when the horse finds a suitable new loaner.

However, if you are not able to provide a donation and your horse is deemed vulnerable in the current situation then we will use our charitable funds to support the horse to enter the Centre through our Vulnerable Horse Programme (VHP). We do ask that owners of horses entering the Centre through the VHP who are unable to offer the full donation sign up to become a ‘Friend of BTRC’ and donate a small nominal sum each month.

The above does not apply to any horse that is required to enter BTRC due to welfare or veterinary issues. These horses will be fast-tracked in order to provide them with the emergency care and attention they need as quickly as possible.